Muhamad Fajar

I write software. Usually in Ruby. Sometimes in Go, Python, PHP, or others. If you should desire to contact me, you can reach me using hi at this domain.



Faculty of Science and Technology; UIN Sunan Gunung Djati (Bandung, Indonesia)
Major: Computer Science/Informatics



GoTix Tech Lead/Software Engineer; GoTix is a movie & event discovery with on-demand ticket order services.
Employer: PT. Global Loket Sejahtera


Software Engineer; SoftwareSeni is a tightly knit team of designers, developers, quality assurance, marketing, content strategy, and customer service.
Employer: PT. SoftwareSeni


Tech Lead/Full Stack Engineer; Talenesia is talent pool and entertainer search engine.
Employer: PT. Talenesia Network Techmedia


Game Developer; Hahah Games Studio is game studio based in Bandung.
Employer: Hahah Games Studio

Technical Experience

Programming Languages & Framework

Ruby: I began using Ruby is when I started working at Lokét. From that day I have only 2 days before my very first task using Ruby itself. The first task is creating API for deep-linking event categorized, fortunately with very limited knowledge about Ruby and never touched that language before, thank God, I’m not breaking the legacy code.

Django: This framework is like my deadline friend, almost all side project what I was done is using Django, when I only have limited time in a weekend, I need something that I can count on and Django is the answer. Using this framework I can cut off timeline from 3 months of work to only 1 month.

Go: The journey began when I need something fast; fast in development and also fast in processing external API. I’m using Go relatively still very new, but so far so good, I can easily understand using this programing language.

Basic knowledge of Rust, Polymer, Vue, React

Open Source Projects

I also contribute to open source project, mostly contribution because I’m using that lib/app but getting error when compile or running and also adding new localization.

Side Project

Less than 1 month of work.

Less than 2 months of work.


  • Languages:

    • Bahasa (native speaker)
    • Sunda (native speaker)
    • English (sufficient)

*all employer description taken from their official website.
**months of work means a total of coding time approximately.